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What Should I Ask My Surgeon Before Rhinoplasty?

Here are various questions you may want to ask your Rhinoplasty surgeon before your procedure.

1: What made you decide to become a cosmetic surgeon? How long have you been practicing as a cosmetic surgeon?

2: Are you board certified? If so, by what board and for how long?

3: Have you ever been disciplined by the board or by the state?

4: How many rhinoplasties have you performed?

5: How many revisions of your own work, on average, do you have to perform?

6: How many rhinoplasties do you perform on average, annually?

7: Have you or would you be willing to perform this procedure on a loved one or family member?

8: Would there be any reason that I would not be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?

9: What are the complications for rhinoplasty?

10: Do you prefer to perform your procedures open or closed? Why?

11: Are there other techniques, newer ones perhaps, that I am not aware of?

12: Do you have a video of a rhinoplasty being performed that I can watch?

13: How long do you recommend I take off from work, school, etc. to heal properly?

14: What types of medications will I be given and which pain medications do you normally prescribe?

15: What kind of anesthesia do you use for rhinoplasty? Why?

16: Can I look at a portfolio of before-and-after photos, and not just your perfect ones?

17: Where will the surgery be performed? If the surgery will not be done in a hospital, is the surgery center or suite accredited?

18: Do you have hospital privileges and, if so, at what hospitals? If you don't have hospital privileges, why not?

19: Who will administer anesthesia and what are that person's credentials?

20: What tips do you have for me to ease some discomfort and pain?

21: I wear eyeglasses. Will I be able to wear them the day after surgery on top of the cast? When can I wear my glasses normally?

22: I take (birth control, diet pills, antidepressants, etc.). Will I have any adverse reactions from the prescribed medications or anesthesia?

23: If my results are not what I wanted, what is your policy on a revision?

24: Do you believe my expectations can be met?

25: What if I change my mind and back out, will my money be refunded?

26: If I have an emergency the night after surgery, what should I do?

27: If I will need sutures, when will they be taken out?

28: Are there any hidden costs that I should know about, such as for lab work, postoperative check-ups, or additional medications?

29: If I need anything after-hours after the surgery, how can I get in touch with you or your staff?

30: What are your policies on postoperative care?

31: Do you offer financing? Do you expect full payment up front? Can I pay in increments?

32: Will I need a graft? If so, what kind?

33: After surgery, will my nose be packed? With what type of packing? For how long?

34: Who will be present in the recovery room with me, and what are their qualifications?

35: How far in advance is it necessary to schedule a surgery date?

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