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NoseComfort Eyeglass Support
The Tape-Free Alternative

Most doctors and surgeons recommend glasses wearers use tape to support their eyeglasses off their nose following Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Broken Noses, or any type of Nasal Trauma.

Unfortunatly, some people are allergic to the tape and it's painful to pull off throughout the day. Some people also have oily skin and the tape wont stick properly, causing their glasses to fall onto their nose, possibly causing permanent damage to the nasal bones.

Fortunately NoseComfort® Eyeglass Support can be the answer to these important issues.

NoseComfort is a simple lightweight appliance your customers can wear like a small headband. NoseComfort has a patented hook-support design that allows them to wear their prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses, while ensuring nothing touches their nose to prevent pain, skin irratability, or permanent damage.

Great For Avid Readers And Hobbyists

NoseComfort is a great solution for individuals who read or work on hobbies for long periods of time, providing long term comfort for glasses wearers.

Some people just can't stand any pressure on their nose. Maybe it's the strength of their prescription lenses, the weight of the frame, or the thinning of the skin due to a loss of collagen that comes with age.

Until NoseComfort was invented, there were no satisfactory solutions for people who wore eyeglasses and were dealing with discomfort.

Special Pricing For Your Business

We have convenient pricing and quantities for you to supply NoseComfort to Rhinoplasty Patients, Hobbyists, and Seniors or Individuals experiencing nose pain from glasses or optical loupes resting on their nose.

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