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No Longer Will You Need to Tape Eyeglasses to the Forehead of Your Patients After Nasal-Surgery.

Have You Ever Given These Instructions To Your Patients
Following A Rhinoplasty?

To help your healing nose maintain its shape, you won't be able to wear eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, or other optical wear that rests on the bridge of your nose for approximately four-to-six weeks.

If you must wear eyeglasses:

  • Secure a strip of tape around the center bridge of your eyeglasses and secure the other end of the tape to your forehead.
  • Another method would be to tape the bows of your eyeglasses to your temples. The tape is not as noticeable using this method.

How many of your patients have complained the tape will not adhere to their oily skin and how many have told you the tape has irritated their skin?

How many of your patients have not followed your instructions and have allowed their eyeglasses to rest on their unprotected nasal bone, resulting in a revision rhinoplasty?

There are nearly 70,000 web pages of instructions on Google, where patients can learn "how to tape glasses after rhinoplasty". On the internet, patients will find a variety of solutions such as making cheek-pads from makeup sponges, or using hairclips to position and fix the eyeglasses so they do not touch the bridge of the nose. This is just two of many of solutions mentioned on the Internet for keeping glasses from touching the nose after rhinoplasty surgery.

NoseComfortĀ® Post-Nasal Surgery And Eyeglass Support Appliance

NoseComfort is the ideal solution for patients who must wear their eyeglasses following a Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, or other nasal surgery.

The patented hook-support design, engages the bridge portion of the patient's eyeglasses holding them a few millimeters from coming into contact with their nose. The eyeglass support is fitted with all medical-grade hypoallergenic materials, including a foam pad that rests against the patient's forehead and an adjustable headband that encircles the patients head.

NoseComfortĀ® Can Be Perfect For Your
Recovery Kit Or For Resale

We have convenient Quantities and Pricing for Heathcare Professionals. We give you the opportunity to provide your patients with the best care possible after their Rhinoplasty or other nasal surgery. Resell NoseComfort, add it to your out-patient kits, or just give NoseComfort to your patient's, the choice is yours.

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