This table provides step-by-step instructions on how to wear NoseComfort Eyeglass Support.

Patients have found Steps 3 & 4 are essential for easy placement of NoseComfort. Slip NoseComfort down your neck, then adjust your hair over the headband to make it easier to properly position NoseComfort.

When positioning NoseComfort, make sure to avoid contact with your nose.

Step 1: Position NoseComfort in both hands and slightly tilt your head forward.

Step 2: Position the padded hook-support on your forehead, and slip the headband to the back of your head.

Step 3: Slip the padded hook-support below your chin, and slide the headband down to your shoulders.

Step 4: Now position your hair to rest over the headband.

Step 5: Slide the padded hook-support into position on your forehead.

Step 6: Adjust the padded hook-support and headband on your forehead for comfort.

Step 7: Now place your eyeglasses on the hook-support, making sure not to come into contact with your nose.

Step 8: Now make final adjustment of the hook-support and headband for proper eyeglass placement.

Step 9: Enjoy wearing your eyeglasses