Broken Nose Recovery

Eyeglasses Nose Support After Nasal Trauma

Are you experiencing pressure or pain from your eyeglasses’ nose pads? Do your padless glasses hurt your nose? Some people wear heavy frames or lenses, which causes the nose pads or frame to apply too much pressure to their nasal septum. This results in a painful and uncomfortable experience.

You may have searched the Internet for comfortable nose rests for glasses, or you may have searched for other ways to alleviate the pressure and the pain. Many solutions involve tape, which isn’t always comfortable and reliable. Taping your glasses to your forehead can prove to be quite a challenge, especially because of the skin’s natural oil production.

You may have searched other eyeglasses nose support methods, which mention the use of makeup sponges or hairpins. You may have tried silicone nose pads as well, but found you are allergic to them. None of these really seem to be the solution; they’re just a short-term fix to the real problem. And the real problem is the need for a way to support the eyeglasses from coming into contact with the nose.

NoseComfort is the Solution

You have visited your optician and your eyeglasses were adjusted, but the pressure and pain still reside. You've tried rimless frames and lightweight lenses but wearing your glasses for any prolonged period of time is still a painful experience. Or, you may be one of the many people who cannot stand to have any pressure on your nose. Maybe it’s because of the weight of your prescription lenses, the weight of the frames, or in some cases the thinning of the skin due to loss of collagen that comes with age.

Good news! NoseComfort® eyeglass nose support is the perfect solution. With this lightweight and comfortable nose rest for glasses, you can wear your eyeglasses without putting any pressure on the nose.