Glasses and the Broken Nose Recovery Process

Have you recently broken your nose? Are you recovering from broken nose surgery? NoseComfort is the perfect solution for individuals who need to wear their glasses during their broken nose recovery period.

Our noses are one of the most prominent features on our faces, and for some of us, our noses are also the most protuberant. As such, when our faces come into contact with various objects, the nose frequently gets the brunt of the assault. When this happens, the nose does what it’s designed to do, which is to break as it absorbs the shock that’s aimed at our face.

By about three to four weeks after your injury, your broken nose recovery is already in motion. Your nasal bones have already started to set and are generally pretty solid. Until this time, you shouldn’t wear glasses on your nose. Why? Wearing glasses on your nose can cause nasal bones and cartilage to shift, which can cause even more problems.

This is why it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible after your injury occurs. For instance, a septal hematoma is a medical emergency where a collection of blood applies pressure to the nasal septum. This can cause an infection that can erode the cartilage and collapse the nose.

Whether or not surgery is required, it’s no secret that wearing glasses is a problem. Many doctors will advise you to tape your glasses to your forehead to keep pressure off of your nose. However, many people find that taping their glasses to forehead isn’t easy. The natural oils that secrete from the skin make it difficult for tape to adhere to the surface. Tape can also cause skin irritation, such as rashes and inflammation.

This is where NoseComfort comes in handy. This lightweight and comfortable eyeglass support replaces the need for tape and provides a secure way to hold your glasses in place. You can wear NoseComfort like a headband with any hairstyle or headwear. It’s hook-support design lets you wear your eyewear without touching your nose for a seamless broken nose surgery recovery.

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