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Can I Exercise After A Rhinoplasty?

It's recommended that patients wait 2 weeks before going back to heavy exercise, head-down yoga positions, or generally any activity that is likely to get the heart racing and push blood flow up into the face. Light activity like walking is fine and so is intimacy so long as you go a bit easy and avoid smacking your nose! For any activity that involves prolonged submersion in water, major pressure changes such as diving, or potential contact to the nose, you generally should wait about a month to six weeks.

Why avoid exercise right after surgery? We’re not so much worried about bleeding as the risk for any serious bleeding is very low and unlikely more than several days after surgery. What we do want to prevent is swelling. Most noticeable swelling is gone within one week, and light activity such as walking is helpful in mobilizing this fluid and helping it to drain away faster. But, too vigorous activity too soon after surgery will drive more fluid to the area and make you appear more swollen.

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Surgeons don't want any weight or pressure resting on the nose following nasal surgery, NoseComfort® Eyeglass Support allows you to wear your eyewear comfortably without putting pressure on the healing nasal bones. Don't forget to mention NoseComfort® Eyeglass Support to your surgeon.

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